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I know I speak for fans of Mayhem, all over the world, that we really appreciate you sharing stories and memories about him.

Do you remember what Pelle liked in the very beginning of discovering metal? Pelle had heard KISS before, and knew who they were, but at this moment, Pelle also decided to be a hard rocker! Finn: I think you guys have that in common with many at our age, and looking at the black metal bands in Norway and Sweden, most of them have a KISS reference as well.

Egy félszigetről jött, túl a vízen, hol a félsziget másik része eltűnik a láthatár mögött, ott, hol görbül a föld, s a másik félteke az éjbe borul már. Nagyapám ifjú korában bányász volt - egy napon másik és külön tárnára bukkant, amit maga ásott tovább. Érceket talált, a föld mélyében szétverte őket, különös módon izzasztott és pácolt mindent, és egy különös és új fémet hozott ki a földből.

Do you remember which KISS album you were listening to? Finn: How did he develop from here into more heavy metal, and even black metal?

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Eventually, he hogyan lehet elveszíteni a felsőtest kövér hím to appreciate even Metallica, but that was after he discovered Slayer. It might have been the year prior to Cliff Burton dying in the bus on crash tour in Sweden.

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Our musical preferences went in different ways that Summer. At this time, he felt that everything except Venom and Mercyful Fate was crap.

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I had no liking to Venom. I remember when he bought an album by Bathory. He was all euphoric, and he thought it was so incredible that someone could follow up after Venom, and that it was a Swedish band!

Anders Ohlin Remembering His Big Brother Pelle

Looking back, I think that was a very inspiring moment for him. There is a funny story about when we discovered Destruction. After explaining that she had no idea how much it would mean for me and my brother if I could borrow the album, she finally accepted.

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I promised to get back with it the very same evening. We both ran to the record player, when suddenly our mother stopped us.

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After long deliberations, we were allowed to record the album to a tape without having the volume on. Hogyan lehet fogyni a mellkas alsó részén both stood there listening to the needle making small noises.

When the album was done, Pelle ran to his room with the tape and played it there, whilst I had to cycle back with the LP, in the rain.

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Finn: That is a very cool story! What was it about the cover art that made both of you so enthusiastic which album was it? They were setting the standard of how to look if you are in to the darker type of metal.

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There was no way we could afford all that leather and spikes. But if you know the style you always know what to strive for.

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The band itself showed a new direction, away from the skate culture that was always connected to thrash metal. Both musically and by character.

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Finn: We know that Pelle used to make drawings in his letters, and he would make drawings that he sent to fanzines and such around the world. You can see Pelle in pictures reading comic magazines, like Dracula, and he designed the Morbid logo inspired by that very Dracula logo.

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Can you tell us about his interest for making drawings? Anders: Had he not been a musician, I would have hoped that he would have been an illustrator or an artist.

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He read and made his own comic strips ever since he was a little kid. He made drawings of animals in the beginning, later it was about war, and finally then horror. Often with a certain sense of humor. Especially not a musician or an artist.