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Kenta Date, a senior high school student, is the ultimate champion of an arcade video game called "Megaranger". He belongs to the Cybernetics club, a group of like minded friends from his school.

Hinelar on a mission to conquer the current reality. Kubota, INET's chief scientist, reveals that Megaranger was more than only a simple video game but actually a combat simulator to identify potential recruits for a super fighting team to combat the Neijirejia.

Kubota gives Kenta and his friends devices known as 'Digitizers'. By entering the key-code "" and shouting "Install, Megaranger! Characters[ edit ] This section may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience.

Please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against Wikipedia's inclusion policy. Megarangers[ edit ] The Megarangers. Kubota to treat him to a yakiniku lunch for every mission accomplishedbut is also friendly, playful, and has a good heart.

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He becomes an ideal candidate to become a Megaranger after beating a skilled opponent on INET's Megaranger arcade gamewhich was actually a tool used to recruit Megarangers.

Mega Red's forehead symbol is a Personal computer ; ironically, Kenta is the only member who does not like computers. This symbol allows him to upload data and program skills into his mind, making him an adaptable warrior.

Aside from being a keen soccer playerhe is a member of the class committee and is concerned about his schoolwork. He balances his duties as a Megaranger and a student. He has a younger brother, Koujiro, who also plays soccer. A natural leader but extremely bossy, he once created an hour by hour schedule for all the Megarangers to follow but they ignored it.

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During his stay at the Epinard Nasu hotel in Tochigi, Kouichirou encounters a mysterious boy who is a spiritual representation of the forest that is not only in danger of Kinoko Nejire's attack on it but INET's Relay Base. He eventually gains the forest spirit's trust as he uses up all his power to help the Megarangers as Kouichirou promises to have INET relocate the relay base. Mega Black's forehead symbol is the Digital satellitewhich enables him to trace communication sources and transmissions.

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After seeing Kenta attempt to keep the Kune Kune from interfering in his lifelong dreams, Shun reconsiders and becomes good friends with Kenta.

He plays the fluteas his late mother was a world-renowned flautist.

Shun is adept at creating battle strategies, such as confusing the Nejirangers by making the other Megaranger suits look like his. Shun is a Virgoaccording to Miku. Mega Blue's forehead symbol is a Digital televisionwhich allows him to create CG images and trap enemies in a movie dimension where characters from that dimension attack the enemy.

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Aside from biolo fogyókúra ibu naomi, she is also into singing. She is attracted to Kouichirou. Mega Yellow's forehead symbol is a Digital camerawhich can telescopically search for people and things - even allowing her to see through walls.

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This symbol also allows her to record and playback anything she sees. She dislikes schoolwork just as much as Kenta, and because of this, the two of them are very good friends. She is attracted to Shun. Additionally, her intelligence increases to an IQ ofalong with a change in her personality.

However, after suffering painful side effects, Miku manages to return to her normal self. In Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, she lectures Sae Taiga Gao White on the Super Sentai franchise's many female warriors and their shared skill at changing their clothes in the blink of an eye, something that Sae had never done before.

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Mega Pink's forehead symbol is a Cellular phonewhich can track and analyze sound waves. Special Attacks: Telephone Search. Though he is placed in charge of the Super Mega Project, Yuusaku secretly took the Mega Silver powers for his own use in helping the Megarangers despite Kubota's insistence that he gets biolo fogyókúra ibu naomi to work. Initially, Yuusaku's transformation into Mega Silver lasts for 2.

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Yuusaku also pilots his own mecha, Mega Winger. He has also demonstrated his culinary skills by preparing a lavish meal to distract a Nezire Beast before Mega Pink defeats it. In the final battle, he is able to assist the Megarangers by using his damaged Mega Winger to free the Voyager Machines from the rubble of the moon base to give the Megarangers a chance of defeating Death Nejiro and attend their high school graduation ceremony.

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Mega Silver's forehead symbol is the microchip. Dialing certain number codes into the Digitizer worn on the csoda természetes fogyókúrás tea vélemények they can activate their Digital Suits, call their Cyber Sliders, and activate the mecha. Transformation call is "Install! This weapon can also be attached to the Mega Weapons to increase the Mega Sniper's power and the enhanced Mega Snipers can be fired together for the Final Shoot attack.

Most of the time, this weapon is used alongside the Multi Attack Rifle. Kubota whenever he enters the battlefield on occasion. Created as the ultimate rescue tool.

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Can be used to enter dangerous areas or to burrow underground and has a scanner called the MultiView Searcher to scan through walls and a fire extinguishing spray. The Digitank was destroyed when Prof. Kubota tried to fight off Shibolena and Yugande near the finale.

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Most of the time this weapon is used alongside the Drill Sniper Custom. It allows for a powered-up chop, punch, and shooting attacks.

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Contains a "Vulcan" beam which can be biolo fogyókúra ibu naomi by hitting "02", even when a Megaranger does not have their Digital Suit on. In Episode 29 and Gaoranger vs.

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It uses many of the same features as the Digitizer but with Mega Silver's own unique vehicles and is also used as an actual cell-phone. The devices name is actually a play off of "Keitai Denwa", or "cellular phone".